This is a fan game based on Prequel! I have nothing to do with the webcomic, apart from really liking it!
If you are not familiar with Prequel, you might ask yourself "WTF is going on here?!"

Prequel is a webcomic, based on the world of The Elder Scrolls (namely Oblivion). Katia Managan is one of the main characters in this comic, while the reader is part of the subconscious hivemind.

This is a small proof of concept. On one hand to get the CORE core mechanics down, on the other hand to see how I'd tackle "writing" a Prequel adventure.

More info about the comic and everything can be found here!

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Published 1 year ago
Release date 1 year ago
Tagsbrowser, managan, Point & Click, prequel
Average sessionA few minutes

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